Our Team 

All 5S Property Maintenance team are highly skilled.

All of the works we conduct are at the highest standard.

5S Property Maintenance staff have extensive experience in cleaning and maintaining close bond with our clients.

Our Staff are our Keys to Success

therefore they are committed to: 

  • Meeting customer expectations 

  • Maintaining High quality 

  • Providing above average customer service

  • Professional Demeanour 

  • The team are continually implementing business processes to improve operating systems

Our Mission

  • To provide you with a Stress Free professional Property Maintenance Service.


5S Property Maintenance employ only suitable, qualified and experienced personal and are covered by Public Liability Insurance, Work Cover and Quality assurance

OH & S

5S Property Maintenance ensures that all cleaning services are carried out to the highest standard, in a safe and satisfactory manner. 5S Property Maintenance staff are compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 1985. All Staff undergo an internal safety induction program. This induction program familiarizes personnel with the correct and safe operation of all types of cleaning works.